Gel Ice Pac Plain

Gel Ice Pac

Gel Ice Pac - three sizes



A water based biodegradable, non toxic gel refrigerant sealed in a two ply laminated nylon pouch which is specifically designed for shipping temperature sensitive products. It is a recommended economical replacement for wet ice and dry ice.

Key Features

  • Economical and cost effective way of shipping food and medical products – click here to see how easily Gel Ice Pacs can fit into your commercial containers
  • Perishable products keep cooler and fresher in lunch boxes and eskies
  • Recommended economical replacement for wet ice and dry ice
  • Can withstand significant pressures even after thawed.
  • Stays frozen longer and colder than ice
  • Maintains higher temperatures than ice
  • Available in various sizes and colours
  • Packaged using high quality nylon bags
  • Can be used over and over again
  • No watery mess as that of wet ice
  • Biodegradable and non toxic gel
  • Long Shelf life

Instructions for Use

Lay flat in a freezer at -15°C to -18°C until completely frozen and use.

If using for commercial transport/shipping of food or medical products it is critical to place frozen gel ice pacs above food or medical products as cold air falls. For optimum cooling avoid dead spaces and place additional gel ice pacs at the bottom and along sides of the shipping container.

Frozen gel ice pacs have the ability to maintain temperatures of perishables between 2°C to 16°C. To determine the amount of frozen ice pacs required to achieve this, we recommend that shipping and storage trials be conducted.

Gel Ice Pacs are available in various sizes

Gel Ice Pac Air Cushion Back

Products sandwiched between two Gel Ice Pacs for maximum temperature control



Two ply nylon laminated clear bags

130 x 190mm weighs approx 300gms (Box of 68)
160 x 230mm weighs approx 500gms (Box of 40)
190 x 270mm weighs approx 800gms (Box of 25)

Also available in fun colours (Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, Purple & Green). Minimum quantities apply.

We can manufacture speciality and tailor made gel ice pacs to suit individual requirements in small and large quantities.

Product Life

With care gel ice pacs may be used over and over again making them very economical and cost effective. The actual life of this product will depend on the extent of usage.


If leakage occurs flush away with water and dispose of bag.

Please contact us about our wholesale prices.

Keeping your products fresh:

Gel Ice Pacs fit easily into commercial polystyrene boxes, as you can see below:

Gel Ice Pac plain

Gel Ice Pacs provide a snug fit so your products stay colder for longer

This photo shows Gel Ice Pacs in action with frozen products. They can easily be moulded to fit around food products.

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Gel Ice Pacs are available in six fun colours