7. Useful Links


The website of Food standards Australia New Zealand. Working within an integrated food regulatory system involving the governments of Australia and the New Zealand Government, FSANZ sets food standards for the two countries. Regulatory guidelines for the manufacture, handling, transport, retail and storage of foods can be found here.

The website of the International Safe Transit Associations. ISTA provides programs, services and activities that assist in packaged-product distribution.

The website of the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) and its subgroup, the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Discussion Group (PCCDG). The PCCDG is a group that educates its members on global shipping and distribution of temperature-sensitive medicinal products through trade and regulatory organizations. This group also develops guidelines and proposes standards for validation of shipping and distribution of the products.

USP <1079> provides guidance to manufacturers, distributors, and transporters in handling practices for pharmaceutical items. The document includes information on storage and shipping conditions to ensure the integrity of the product from manufacturer to end user.