Standard Gel Blanket

Standard Gel Ice Blanket

Standard Gel Ice Blanket

Gel Ice Blanket

Gel blankets are manufactured in master rolls 450mm wide. Consisting of small adjoining cells 75x90mm laminated together with plastic film on one side and non woven fabric on the other side, each cell contains a biodegradable, non toxic gel polymer that absorbs water on contact and swells up. Gel blankets are shipped dry and have been specifically engineered to minimise on shipping cost and storage space.

Key Features

  • Use in commercial transport/shipping of food and medical products -Gel Ice Blankets easily fit to the shape of your container
  • Due to cell design, gel blankets stays flexible even after frozen
  • Use in eskies to keep perishables cooler and fresher
  • Can be cut to any suitable size between the sealed edges
  • Can withstand significant pressure even after thawed
  • Minimises shipping cost and storage space due to weight
  • Can also be used as super absorbsion pads
  • Recommended economical replacement to ice and dry ice
  • Stays frozen longer and colder than ice – ideal for local and international transportation of good such as seafood and vegetables
  • No watery mess as that of ice
  • Can be used over and over again
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic gel
  • Long shelf life

Instructions for Use

Cut sheet to required size between sealed edges (fig A). Immerse in water for a few minutes until cells hydrate (fig B). Wipe off any excess water. Lay flat in a freezer at -15°C to -18°C until completely frozen and use.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for use

Before and After

Before and after immersion in water

If using for commercial transport/shipping of food or medical products it is critical to place frozen ice blankets above food or medical products as cold air falls. For optimum cooling avoid dead spaces and place additional ice blankets at the bottom and along the sides of the shipping container.

Gel Ice Blankets have the ability to maintain temperatures of perishables between 2°C to 16°C. To determine the amount of frozen blankets required to achieve this, we recommend that shipping and storage test be conducted.

Product Life


The uses for the Gel Ice Blanket are as broad as your imagination

With care gel ice blankets may be used over and over again making them very economical and effective. The actual life of this product will depend on the extent of usage.

Over time some moisture will be lost during evaporation, simply soak in water to re-hydrate cells prior to freezing or heating.


If leakage occurs flush away with water, cut off damaged cells and dispose.

Product specification

Material: Non woven fabric / Film
Cell Size: 75mm x 90mm
Absorbency: 85gms per cell +/- 5%
Cells per meter: 66
Shipping weight per meter (Before hydration): 138gms
Shipping weight per meter (After hydration): 5.7 kg +/- 5%
Roll width: 450mm
Selling Length: 1000mm

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Keeping your products fresh:

Gel Ice Blankets fit easily into commercial polystyrene boxes.

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